SPYSCAPE is an interactive spy museum in New York. Working closely with the SPYSCAPE team, we created a series of 12 short films communicating tricks and methods used by intelligence agents as they go about their shady business. These methods are known in the business as ‘tradecraft’. Examples of tradecraft include hiding something to be collected by an agent later, extraction from a dangerous situation or concealing classified documents in everyday objects.

These films are part of the permanent exhibition at SPYSCAPE. They are presented around the museum over banks of 3 large 4K screens working in sync, with interplay between the screens. The stories enlighten visitors on some of the jargon used in the business of espionage. 

They are intended to add a lighter touch to the otherwise murky world of spies and spying. The illustration style had to be simple but expressive, and the vibrant colour palettes were created to compliment the section of the museum where each bank of screens is located.

Silver Machine Studios provide SPYSCAPE with ongoing consultation on content creation and strategy.

Written by Ned Pennant-Rea
Produced by Silver Machine Studios